Jets™ components for custom installation

For custom installation

The compact size of a Jets™ system and its flexible piping options makes it ideal for installation in all types of rail applications. The pump can be installed separate from the toilet for easier installation. The water and collecting tanks can be installed totally independent of the pump's location.

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For all types of rolling stock

In some rail cars, installing a prebuilt sanitation module like our Sanpack™ may not be an option. This is often the case with retrofits, where there is limited design flexibility because the new components must fit in a older car design.

Jets™ solution

Fortunately, our products work just as well in a customized installation. Their design and integration flexibility means they can be installed in virtually all applications.

Components available

Our modular product range means that we can supply the components needed for your specific application. If you have a sanitary challenge, we want to know about it and help you solve it.

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