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Vacuum toilets for railway rolling stock

Vacuum toilets are widely used in railway applications, and Jets™ has supplied vacuum toilets to railway operators for several years. Passenger comfort increases with Jets™.

Proven reliable performance and very limited sewage volumes make Jets™ systems the perfect choice for rolling stock, where water tanks and sewage collecting tanks have to be kept as small as possible. We have long experience in this field, and our products are highly suitable for these demanding applications.

Sanpack™ plug-in module

Sanpack™ is an extremely compact solution for any railway sanitation challenge. This innovative solution is a true plug-in module that uses less than half a square metre / 5 square feet for everything needed to serve 2 toilets!
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For custom installation

The compact size of a Jets™ system and its flexible piping options makes it ideal for installation in all types of rail applications. The pump can be installed separate from the toilet for easier installation. The water and collecting tanks can be installed totally independent of the pump's location.
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Benefits for travellers and crews

Jets™ offers superb sanitary comfort with high-quality products that make the travelling experience more comfortable for today's demanding travellers.
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Jets™ provides numerous advantages for...

Manufacturers and operators will find that a Jets™ system has many advantages, and can deal with waste from both toilets and wash basins. Several units can be connected to a single Vacuumarator™ pump. The compact and flexible solutions offer great potential to designers, and are highly suitable for retrofits. Toilets for disabled people are available.
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References from all over the world

Our systems are used by railway operators across the globe. These are some of our customers from all corners of the world.
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Product certification

We wish to acknowledge the support we receive from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Their funding is an important factor in the certification process being carried out for our products, as we venture deeper into the global railway market with our groundbreaking vacuum toilet systems.
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