Freezers in a supermarket store near Ålesund, Norway

Vacuum systems for supermarkets

Condensation wastewater from fridges and freezers can be a challenge for supermarkets. Jets™ vacuum systems enable simple and efficient transport of condensation water even if there are no drains available near the fridge - by lifting the water vertically in the piping.

Drain availability challenges

Strict regulations for food safety require very low temperatures in freezers, causing condensation which means water has to be removed one way or the other. If there are no drains available in the supermarket floor - and often there isn't - getting rid of the water poses a problem.

Vacuum advantages

Using a Jets™ vacuum system, condensation wastewater can be lifted vertically up from the freezer and transported through piping in the ceiling to a drain elsewhere in the building. Special greywater tanks called interceptors are used to ensure the water transport's efficiency.

Experience with supermarket challenges

Jets™ has long experience with supermarket-owning customers and the challenges they face. Rearranging or changing floor plans is common in their line of business, but the flexibility of Jets™ systems now means that the piping for condensation water can be moved easily when floor plans change.

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VIDEO: Place freezers and fridges where you need them - without worrying about condensation!

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