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Specialty systems - Harbour and marina pump-out solutions

Our systems offer a wide range of uses, and can solve all kinds of sanitation challenges. One example is their use in marinas to empty sewage tanks on boats. When marinas in Switzerland first looked for efficient emptying systems to keep Swiss lakes clean, Jets™ had the solution they needed. Since then we have delivered pump-out stations for boats to marinas and harbours all over Europe.

Clean marinas

Harbour and marina pump-out systems such as these are mostly used in countries that have ratified the Marpol Annex IV regulations. But as demands for environmental considerations grow stronger, more and more marinas install them to keep their lakes, rivers and harbours clean and increase the sanitary comfort of visiting boats.

System features

  • Capacity from 5000 litres per hour
  • Modular systems that are easy to expand
  • Great lift and transport capacity
  • Simple installation
  • Collects, macerates and discharges sewage in one operation
  • Environmentally sound solution

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Harbour system in Hamburg, Germany

In Hamburg, Germany, a local company operates sightseeing vessels from their harbour based offices and workshops built on pontoons in the river.

Their facilities are a substantial dock area, only connected to shore by a gangway. The docks have 3 emptying stations for sewage from boats. Inside one of the pontoons, the Jets™ system powering the emptying stations macerates and transports the sewage. A small diameter pipe underneath the gangway carries the sewage upwards onto dry land, and discharges it in the public sewer network.

Jets™ toilets in the office and workshop are also connected to the pump inside the pontoon to ensure reliable toilet facilities for workers in this special facility on the river.
Sewage emptying stations can be installed on docks...
...or on land, using a long flexible hose.
Jets™ system in a marina on the Wallensee lake in Switzerland.
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