The Troll Antarctic research station on a grey day

Custom built solutions - Troll Antarctic research station

A fully customized and containerized Jets™ system was delivered in 2008 to the Troll Antarctic research station. In the driest, coldest, most uninhabited continent on earth, Jets™ is meeting challenges in the extremes of the Antarctic.

Solving water supply challenges

In the Antarctic, there is a water shortage in a desert of ice. All water supplies are produced by thawing ice. The vacuum system delivered by Jets™ reduces water use to one tenth of that needed by gravity toilets. Furthermore, water recovered from the sewage treatment plant delivered by Jets™ can be used for flushing.

Solving sewage handling challenges

In an effort to keep this vulnerable continent as clean as possible, all treated sewage must be shipped out for disposal. The sewage from the station's Jets™ system is very concentrated, and takes up the least possible space on the airplanes used to remove it.

Greater comfort and reliability

Research teams at the Troll station are cut off from the rest of the world for months at a time, and all facilities are built to be practical rather than comfortable. So they really appreciate the greater comfort that the Jets™ system has brought to their Antarctic base. The rugged system has been built to keep functioning reliably throughout the extremes of the Antarctic winter.


A complete Jets™ system packed in containers

For easy and fast installation, the equipment was delivered in fully assembled modules with preinstalled piping for connection to the existing technical room.

The small-diameter pipes simplify the plumbing. Insulated waste pipes heated with cables must be used because of the permafrost.

Flexible Jets™ vacuum piping made it much easier to add 3 toilets in the existing building, where installing a gravity system would have caused considerable problems.

Troll station facts

  • Built in 1989-1990 at 72 degrees south in Queen Maud Land, 235 km from the ice edge
  • Run by the Norwegian Polar Institute
  • The Troll airfield, 7 km from the base, was scraped out of blue ice


Research activities at Troll includes monitoring of

  • Glaciers
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • Heavy metals in the air
  • Meteorology
  • Birds


Facilities at Troll

The all-year facilities consist of insulated container modules designed for temperatures down to -60 degrees Celsius. A team of up to 10 spends the winter season here every year. Up to 40 visitors stay at a tent camp in the summer season, with up to 75 for shorter periods.

A "green" research station

The aim is to use the smallest possible amount of fossil fuel and purify all emissions virtually 100%. Troll is heated remotely from the cooling systems for the power station.


The Troll station on a sunny day during the short Antarctic summer

The Troll Antarctic research station on a sunny day
Bathroom at Troll
Preassembled sanitary container module built for Troll.
Vacuumarator™ unit used in a Troll container module.
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