Festivals and gatherings

If you have 33,000 people at a festival or gathering, like Sweden Rock Festival had in the above video, you have a major sanitary challenge... But imagine a large 3 or 4-day outdoor event - and the toilets cope magnificently!

Successful events

Jets™ has supplied sanitary systems that function efficiently for installations ranging from prisons to the most breathtakingly luxurious yachts. Jets™ vacuum toilets offer comfort and hygiene that improve the prestige and profitability of the whole event.

With better sanitary facilities...

- people will be more tempted to stay at the festival. And they will spend their money there instead of looking for alternatives where the toilets are more inviting – or heading for the bushes and creating a health hazard for the local community – or leaving the event early.
At mass gatherings which attract people from many countries, greater hygiene helps to reduce the risk of spreading the intestinal diseases of one region to people from other areas with little immunity to these diseases. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites in sewage can cause problems ranging from mild diarrhea to serious illnesses.

Customer satisfaction improves profit potential

At some events, visitors pay a premium for VIP tickets – mainly for the peace of mind they get from knowing they have access to clean toilets. Separate toilet facilities with hot and cold water for hand-washing must be available for the exclusive use of food-handlers. Waste management crews and other festival staff also need access to toilets and washing facilities.

Easier maintenance

With traditional portable toilets, a cleaning crew needs to hose out every toilet – a timeconsuming, unappealing job. With Jets™ vacuum toilets, the sewage collection tank for a whole block of toilets can be removed and replaced in one simple, clean operation. Sewage can be dealt with away from the public.

The closed system keeps sewage gases where they belong. The powerful vacuum helps to remove odours as well as bacteria- or virus laden spray.

Vacuumarator™ pumps grind solids to prevent clogging. Foreign objects are trapped before they get to the pump. Water consumption and sewage volumes are low. Power consumption per toilet is only 10-15Wper flush. Jets also offers solar-powered solutions.

Reliable performance

With years of proven success in vacuum sanitary systems all over the world, Jets™ can help you find exactly the right solution for your event. The robust Jets™ systems stand the test of time.

Flexible configuration

Jets toilets can be built into any type of cubicle. You can choose the optimal number and configuration of toilets, disabled toilets, urinals, washbasins and showers for your specific needs.


  • Within hours, the toilets at a large outdoor event often become such a turn-off that guests wander off in search of other facilities.
  • Or they give up all hope of hygiene and make the mess worse, throwing in unsavoury foreign objects for good measure.
  • The sewage has to be sucked out unit by unit at regular intervals.
  • You need to plan access for the service truck to every unit.
  • Chemicals are needed to mask odours and combat some of the health hazards.
  • When the festival is over, the grounds look like a pigsty.


Jets™ solution

  • Jets™ vacuum toilet systems make it possible to remove sewage hygienically from a single point and deal with it away from the crowds.
  • This efficient solution improves toilet capacity, simplifies access requirements for servicing and emptying, and frees resources for cleaning the toilets.
  • There is no limit on the number of uses before the toilets must be serviced.
  • Jets™ toilets are robust, lightweight, and compact. They lend themselves to a wide range of flexible solutions and layouts.


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