Construction site with Jets systems in containers - 3D render

Container modules for large construction sites

Placing toilets close to the work site saves time and money. Jets™ vacuum toilets need very little water for flushing, so sewage volumes are dramatically reduced. Power consumption is minimal, and when built into containers a complete Jets™ module can fit on a standardized trailer or semitrailer, saving transport costs.

Reliable and self-contained

Jets™ systems are highly reliable and easy to maintain even in remote areas. Vacuum toilets, hand-washing facilities, urinals and showers can be combined in the optimal solution for your application. All you need is an electrical connection to AC or DC. It is easy for a sewage truck to service the tanks, meaning sewage can be processed elsewhere.

Place the toilet unit exactly where you need it now

  • Easy to move it to another site later
  • Easy to add extra modules
  • Streamlined solutions save space and weight


Better use of work time

  • Less time to walk to the toilets
  • Greater convenience
  • Greater comfort
  • Greater hygiene
  • Adequate facilities stay cleaner


Less water needed

  • Uses mainly air for flushing
  • Less sewage - greater capacity and fewer pumpouts
  • Make optimal use of available sewer lines
  • Compatible with any sewage treatment plant


Choose from

  • Connection to a municipal sewer line, or...
  • Complete self-contained module with a water tank and sewage collection tank serving several toilets


How many toilets are needed?

At a major construction site with 10,000 workers, it is important to have adequate toilet facilities. But how many toilets will be enough? ISO standards stipulate that toilets should have the capacity to handle peak periods when they are used by 67% of users within one hour. With 10,000 workers, that equals 6,700 toilet visits per hour.

  • One public toilet allows up to 15 visits per hour: 6,700 / 15
  • Conclusion: at least 447 toilets are needed
  • Urinals: allow up to 60 visits per hour
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