Scanvogn trailer equipped with Jets™ system

Scanvogn in Denmark

Scanvogn has been a Jets™ customer since 2001 and has delivered numerous trailers with Jets™ installations. With their lower weight, self-contained sanitation trailers from Scanvogn are ideal for applications from surveying to mobile offices. The compact Jets™ systems are a big advantage for Scanvogn.

Scanvogn on Jets™ quality:

"Higher quality and flexibility than traditional toilets are the main reasons for choosing Jets™", says Stig Knudsen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Scanvogn in Denmark, before elaborating:

"The payback period is only one to two years"

“Thanks to the short payback period – only one or two years – we have had great success with Jets™ vacuum toilets in our PIONERvogn. This is a completely self-contained trailer designed to be used out in the field with no connection to water, sewer lines or power."

"The vacuum solution means the trailer can be left five times longer..."

"Because the Jets™ system uses so little water, the trailer can be left in remote areas for five times longer than for conventional flushing toilets. The water tank in the PIONERvogn has a capacity of 180 litres and the sewage tank holds 200 litres. Using solar power to charge the battery, the system can run for 12–14 days with no access to mains power. This is an energy-saving solution that eliminates generator noise and hassles."

"The benefit is the freedom you have..."

"to take the trailer exactly where you need it. That might be out in the bush... or in the city centre. If you need toilets in an urban area for just a few days, you can park the PIONERvogn trailer where you need it without having to wait for all the permits and paperwork involved in connecting to municipal facilities."


"We have also found the Jets™ system to be extremely stable and reliable with its powerful pump."

Growing markets

"This is a growing market with great potential. Scanvogn’s new products such as mobile office trailers – complete with Jets™ vacuum toilets – have proved very popular. We are also happy to see that many existing customers came back with new orders for the PIONERvogn.”

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