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The Dutch Defqon.1 festival attracts 55,000 visitors

When the organisers of Defqon.1 made 55,000 tickets available for its 2012 festival, one thing became very clear: they needed a lot of toilets. And instead of compromising, they insisted on vacuum toilets for improved event sanitation.

Jets™ has supplied sanitary systems to many large operators in the toilet rental industry, including dutch operators Port-o-Let Services  and Van Overbeek Mobile Sanitary Solutions.

Providing enough Jets™ vacuum toilets to cover the sanitary needs of 55,000 people is not an everyday occurence even for these companies. Using lower quality toilet facilities was not an option, so both of the companies got involved.

The Jets™ system used at Defqon.1 provides visitors with a high quality flushing toilet and a sealed piping system - a great improvement over traditional festival toilets where users are exposed to the human waste of other people.

A major sanitary challenge presents itself - Jets™ offers a simple and reliable solution

  • Events this big need toilets that cope magnificently when used up to 60 times per hour - once every minute.
  • With adequate sanitary facilities, people are more likely to spend more time at the festival - which translates to an improved profit potential for the event organisers.
  • Jets™ offers the most advanced event toilet solution, with years of proven performance and success globally.
  • Flexible configuration means Jets™ systems can be built into any type of cubicle to meet your specific needs.

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Van Overbeek Mobile Sanitary Solutions


"The Jets System enables us to develop collapsible units which save 67% space!"

- Peter Van Overbeek (Van Overbeek Mobile Sanitary Solutions)


Increased expectations from visitors mean old solutions are no longer good enough

Visitors who pay for costly tickets demand improved sanitary conditions, as increasing numbers of people grow hesitant about using the more traditional chemical toilets. 

The non-flushing design of older chemical toilets means waste management crews have to empty these toilets through the same opening as the visitors use to fill them. This only adds to the unpleasantness of the chemical toilets, and according to the expectations of today’s festival goers, chemical toilets and other non-flushing toilets are simply not good enough anymore.

Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems on the other hand, provide a modern, compact and water-saving solution to this challenge, built into portable facilities for temporary toilet installation.


Sanitrax International


The festival management wanted to use vacuum toilets exclusively, which required a large number of Jets™ toilets. This meant that two restroom operators had to be involved, because no single operator had the necessary number of vacuum-equipped cubicles at the time.

The manufacturer of the remaining restrooms was Sanitrax International, which is also a long-standing Jets™ customer with clients on several contintents.


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