Luxury mobile toilet units with Jets™ system installed

Flexiloo - designers of the unique folding toilet concept

UK based mobile toilet unit manufacturer Flexiloo use Jets™ systems in their elegant solutions for the top end of the mobile toilet market. Flexiloo designer Andrew Hay is very clear about one thing: "When the occasion calls for a high standard of functional elegance, you can count on Jets™."

In this interview, mr. Hay discusses the Flexiloo concept and how he found the partner he was looking for in Jets™.

Success factor

"For corporate events, community functions, festivals and weddings, smoothly functioning toilets of high quality are a critical success factor."

Searching for a better solution

"I had experience with services for providing mobile toilets at special events. These involved preassembled modules under temporary cover, supplied on trailers to the top end of the market. But the units were cumbersome and unwieldy. I thought it must be possible to develop a more elegant solution that would be easy to move around, up stairs and through narrow doorways."

"It took me five years to get the folding design right"

"It was very difficult to develop a lightweight, high-quality product that folded neatly, just the way I wanted it to work. But in 2006 I felt I had come up with an effective solution. Then I investigated every single vacuum toilet system that looked like a  candidate for the Flexiloo concept. I had experience with systems that use large vacuum tanks, but I needed something much lighter and easier to use. I scoured the Internet and phoned around."


Flexiloo designer Andrew Hay on Jets™:

"The Jets™ concept seemed by far the best possibility. I bought a Jets™ system and it worked very well.

The great advantage of the Jets™ design is that it is extremely compact. Since then I have had an ongoing dialogue with Bjarte Hauge and his team at Jets™, working out the best ways to install the system.

They have always been very helpful, and it is very easy to work with them."

Read the rest of Andrew's story below.

"We launched the first Flexiloo/Jets™ system in 2006 - it had a great impact"

"In October 2006, it was launched at the Showman’s Show in Newbury, Berkshire. This is a major exhibition of products, services and entertainments for the outdoor and special eventworld in the United Kingdom."

World wide sales

"It had a great impact. I was really heartened by the enthusiastic reception to the idea. I even sold a system on the spot - to a customer from the south of France. After that, the Flexiloo solution was exhibited at RSVP and the Event Show, which are both held in London. Enquiries started coming in from all over the world – from Finland to Uganda and Dubai to South Africa."

Quality conscious customers

"The market for toilet hire has grown over the last few years – and we are seeing great potential among quality conscious customers who refuse to accept sub-standard sanitation at prestige events. I believe that there is a huge future for Flexiloo."

 "We see a very promising market in systems for business continuity and emergency response"

"With events such as earthquakes, floods, epidemics, fires, power blackouts, political upheaval or terrorist attacks in mind, far-sighted enterprises understand that planning for portable toilets is one of the factors that can help to keep critical business functions operating in a crisis.”


Production of Flexiloo folding toilet units
Production of Flexiloo folding toilet units.
Jets™ toilet being installed in Flexiloo unit
Jets™ toilet being installed in Flexiloo unit.
Vacuumarator™ pump installed in Flexiloo unit
Vacuumarator™ pump installed in Flexiloo unit.
Fully assembled Flexiloo units with Jets™ toilets ready for use
Fully assembled Flexiloo units with Jets™ toilets ready for use.
Transporting a Flexiloo folding toilet unit
Transporting a Flexiloo folding toilet unit.
Flexiloo folding toilet unit with Jets™ toilet in use at event
Flexiloo folding toilet units with Jets™ toilets in use at event.

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