Portable restrooms

Vacuum toilets for mobile solutions

Jets™ sanitary systems are made to please many thousands – or just a few. We supply our compact vacuum sanitary systems to builders of all kinds of mobile sanitary units. These include facilities for both long and short term temporary installation, such as event toilets, transportable public toilets, construction site trailers, temporary office trailers and military applications - to name a few.

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With their high comfort level, limited water use and low sewage volumes, Jets™ systems are the obvious choice for mobile unit manufacturers. Their compact size make them highly suitable in mobile units where the available space is usually scarce. They are also self-contained, able to operate without mains electricity and water.
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Basic or luxury

Jets™ systems can be used in numerous applications. They can be installed in containers for basic on-site sanitation - or form the basis for the most luxurious VIP sanitary systems at special events.
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Container modules for large construction sites

Placing toilets close to the work site saves time and money. Jets™ vacuum toilets need very little water for flushing, so sewage volumes are dramatically reduced. Power consumption is minimal, and when built into containers a complete Jets™ module can fit on a standardized trailer or semitrailer, saving transport costs.
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Restroom trailers

Restroom trailers can be made to fit any configuration, from basic construction site trailers to fully equipped event trailers with hot and cold running water.
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Festivals and gatherings

If you have 33,000 people at a festival or gathering, like Sweden Rock Festival had in the above video, you have a major sanitary challenge... But imagine a large 3 or 4-day outdoor event - and the toilets cope magnificently!
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Case studies

An in-depth look at some Jets™ mobile sanitation customers, and how we can solve the challenge of providing good sanitary conditions at even the largest of events.
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Limitless systems

A single Vacuumarator™ pump can serve multiple toilets, and in larger systems a central Jets™ unit can serve virtually any number of toilets. It is easy to add or reduce capacity, for example during different stages of a project.
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