For small and large systems

Jets™ solutions can power a vacuum system of any size, from one-toilet systems in cabins to hundreds or even thousands of toilets in the world's largest buildings. Larger systems use a Constant Vacuum System (CVS™) solution, while cabins and other small systems run a Vacuum On Demand (VOD™) solution.

Vacuum On Demand (VOD™): for small installations

Jets™ has spent a lot of time making our products suitable for any requirement our customers may have. Our solution for small installations is called VOD™: Vacuum On Demand. It is tailored for use in systems with less than 10 toilets. Pipes are kept at or near atmospheric pressure, and vacuum is only generated by the system's pump on demand - when a toilet is flushed.

Constant Vacuum System (CVS™): for large installations

In large installations where many toilets are connected to the same vacuum source, vacuum must be available in the pipes at all times. This is called CVS™: Constant Vacuum System. The vacuum capacity can easily be increased by adding more Vacuumarator™ pumps or units, so more users and more toilets can be connected to the system. The CVS™ system is used for long distance piping, and there is practically no limit to how many toilets can be connected.

Storing and processing options

The discharge pipe from the pump in Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems can be connected to your choice of storing or processing options such as:

  • Collecting tanks
  • Sewage treatment plants (or Jets™ Biotank for cabin owners)
  • Public sewers
  • Combustion systems
  • Biogas plants

VOD™ system principle


A VOD™ system creates vacuum in the piping only when a toilet is flushed. Maximum 4 toilets can be connected (up to 10 with add-on equipment). Maximum lift height from toilets is 80cm.


CVS™ system principle


A CVS™ system maintains a constant, pre-set vacuum level in the piping system. An unlimited number of toilets can be connected. Maximum lift height from toilets is 3 metres.

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