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Vacuum toilets for cabins and homes

People spend more and more time in their cabins, and want the same sanitary comfort level that they are used to at home. Hard to accomplish? Of course not. Even if your cabin is located in the middle of nowhere, Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems make it possible.

For single cabins

For use in cabins with 1 to 4 toilets, our Vacuum On Demand (VOD™) system ensures that the pump runs only when the toilet is used. These systems are even available for use with batteries, so no mains electricity is necessary.
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For cabin areas

For cabin areas where two or more cabin owners want to install a common system, our Constant Vacuum System (CVS™) solution ensures that a constant vacuum is present in the piping system for all the cabins. This results in reliable operation no matter how many cabins are connected.
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Sewage processing

Jets™ offers a range of sewage processing options for cabin owners, enabling almost anyone to install a cabin toilet in accordance with their local laws and regulations.
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This cabin area uses a Constant Vacuum System (CVS) solution to connect some 20 cabins to a Jets™ vacuum sanitary system. This particular system integrates transport of blackwater (sewage) and greywater (from washing).
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Installing a Jets™ vacuum sanitary system is a very simple task, which most of our customers are fully capable of doing themselves. A comprehensive illustrated installation guide is included with every system, and is also available for download.
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