A Horisont bus from Vest Buss makes its way through the Norwegian landscape.

Benefits for passengers and driver

With their compact size and flexible piping options, Jets™ vacuum systems are ideal for installation in the confined spaces of a bus. The pump can be installed separate from the toilet, and the collecting tank can be installed totally independent of the pump's location.

Passenger care

Passengers want higher sanitary standards in bus restrooms, and we can't blame them. The prospect of going for a long bus drive with less than satisfactory sanitary comfort levels is not something most people look forward to. We agree that some bus restrooms are anything but enjoyable, but with a Jets™ system that changes. We use the same porcelain toilets that cruise line passengers have enjoyed for decades, and the vacuum system removes odour from the restroom with every flush.

Driver convenience

Bus drivers don't want the hassle of emptying the sewage collecting tank at frequent intervals, so on shorter drives it is not uncommon for bus restrooms to be locked and unavailable for use. We can't blame the drivers either, because without a Jets™ system it's not a very pleasant job to empty the collecting tank. With a Jets™ system however, the emptying intervals are long and the sewage has been turned into a finely macerated pulp before being pumped into the tank.

Greywater collection

Water from sinks (and showers) can be connected to the vacuum system by using a Jets™ greywater interface tank. Self-contained and equipped with an automated emptying valve, the interface tank will move greywater to the collecting tank along with other sewage.

Jets™ toilet in the restroom on board a Vest Horisont bus.
Jets™ vacuum sanitary system with 10NT pump in a Vest Horisont bus.
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