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Vacuum toilets for buses

Buses will have great advantages and benefit greatly from using vacuum sanitary systems. We have installed our space-saving solutions in buses with very good results. Passenger comfort increases with Jets™.

Proven reliable performance and very limited sewage volumes make Jets™ systems the perfect choice for trains and buses, where sewage collecting tanks have to be kept as small as possible. We have long experience in this field, and our products are highly suitable for these demanding applications.

Benefits for passengers and driver

With their compact size and flexible piping options, Jets™ vacuum systems are ideal for installation in the confined spaces of a bus. The pump can be installed separate from the toilet, and the collecting tank can be installed totally independent of the pump's location.
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Jets™ systems for buses are easy to install. Standard systems feature a toilet, a pump, a control unit and a collecting tank. A water tank and a power connection is all you need to make our systems work. Washbasins or sinks can also be connected to the vacuum system by using a greywater interface tank.
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