The WTorre São Paulo business complex, Brazil

WTorre São Paulo

The WTorre São Paulo is a 30-storey office block of some 90,000 square metres. The building was not originally designed for vacuum toilets when construction started. After the project had been on hold for some time, the new owner saw the advantages of a Jets™ installation.

Successful installation

The system, including more than 400 toilets, was delivered in December 2007 and saves the business complex USD 165,000 every year! Needless to say, further vacuum toilet installations are planned to increase savings even more.

Water supply

Although Brazil has the largest reserve of fresh water on earth, São Paulo is facing a water crisis due to wastage and contamination. The Jets™ vacuum system reduced water use by up to 90% of what gravity toilets would need. With São Paulo's soaring water prices, that meant a payback period of less than two yars and substantial savings every year after that.


The costs of treating sewage have risen in line with water prices. Sewerage costs were also reduced by up to 90% with the Jets™ system, saving running costs for the building complex every day.

Sewer connection

The closest point for the sewer connection was already working at full capacity. The nearest possibility was 200 metres away. But the pumping power already available in the Jets™ system made it possible to pump the sewage to the connection point further away. A gravity system would have required an additional pump.


The vast population of the megacity has placed its infrastructure under strain. Jets™ solutions create new opportunities for property development in areas with overloaded water and sewerage systems.

Building design

The WTorre São Paulo had not originally been designed for vacuum toilets. The small-diameter pipes needed for the Jets™ system made it possible to install vacuum toilets in a later construction phase. The flexible piping will also make it easier to change the layout to suit the different needs of new tenants in the future.

Street level view of the WTorre São Paulo
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