São Paulo University facade

São Paulo university

In this interesting project from São Paulo, a university installed a Jets™ system in 2007. The system paid for itself in 15 months.

The university's daily water cost has now been reduced from USD $1,800 to USD $320, a tremendous saving that allowed an extremely short ROI time (return on investment). Other challenges were also solved:

Water supply

High bills for water were a burden on the university. With less than 1 litre per flush, Jets™ toilets reduced water consumption for flushing from 420,000 litres (110,000 gal.) to about 60,000 litres (16,000 gal.) every day.


With so many users, the volume of sewage and its associated costs were substantial. This volume was cut by up to 90%, dramatically reducing the load on the sewerage systems and cutting costs accordingly.


Clogging and vandalism had been a problem with the previous toilets, where a blockage could put a whole group of toilets out of action. Students appreciated the new Jets™ toilets, and there were far fewer problems with blocked toilets. If one toilet did get blocked, it was an isolated problem which did not affect the other toilets.

22,000 students

With traditional gravity toilets, the university's 22,000 students generated 60,000 toilet flushes per day, using 420,000 litres (110,000 gal.) of water. With Jets™ vacuum toilets, the 60,000 flushes now only use 60,000 litres (16,000 gal.) of water.


The Uninove university project

At Uninove's Campus "Barra Funda", one central 195MB Vacuumarator™ unit collects sewage from half of the building - 360 toilets.

Another 195MB Vacuumarator™ unit is connected with the first to serve the other 360 toilets.

The water supply is connected to a reservoir which collects rainwater.
Restroom with vacuum system at Uninove university
The vacuum system at Uninove university enables upwards sewage transport.
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