Sigurd Johan Torheim, owner of Hotell Ivar Aasen in Ørsta, Norway

Hotell Ivar Aasen, Norway: "The time has come for better solutions!"

"In unspoilt fjords and valleys greentech solutions make sense - smarter ways to build are the bonus! Traditional ways are not good enough any longer... the time has come for better solutions!" - These are the words of Sigurd Johan torheim, owner of Hotell Ivar Aasen in Ørsta, Norway.

Taking care of beautiful surroundings

“When you look out over the Ørsta fjord and the Sunnmøre Alps, you understand: the environment is at the heart and soul of this hotel. Our guests expect us to take the best possible care of it."

Installation advantages

"The small-diameter vacuum piping was a great advantage during the renovations. It reduced our installation costs because we did not need to do so much core drilling or to hack up existing floors, and we needed less ceiling height. What’s more, we did not need to close the hotel during the building period."

Vacuum advantages

"The vacuum system cuts our water consumption and sewage output by 80-90%, reducing our operating costs. And the sewage – both blackwater and greywater – is a resource with the potential for renewable energy. To survive in this competitive market, we must listen and live up to our customers’ expectations regarding environmental issues. Choosing the greenest possible alternative gives us a competitive edge.”


The Hotell Ivar Aasen in Ørsta, Norway
Guest bathroom with Jets™ sanitary system in Hotell Ivar Aasen
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