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Buildings of all types across the world have turned to Jets™ systems for a solution to their various challenges. From Swedish prisons trying to stop inmates from communicating through sewer pipes, to hotels responding to guest expectations about more eco-friendly sanitary solutions. Have a look at some of our references.

The sustainable Pixel building searched for the best and found Jets™

The extraordinary Pixel building is designed for minimal environmental impact and sustainable use of resources. With that in mind, a Jets™ sanitary system became the obvious choice for the futuristic-looking project. Located on a former brewery site in Melbourne, Australia, this office building has attracted the likes of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on their hunt for green technology which can help build a better, more sustainable future.
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Hospitals across the world

From Ireland to Brazil, Jets™ covers the need for better sanitary systems in hospitals. Vacuum toilets offer new and better solutions for sewage isolation and hygiene.
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Hotell Ivar Aasen, Norway: "The time has come for better solutions!"

"In unspoilt fjords and valleys greentech solutions make sense - smarter ways to build are the bonus! Traditional ways are not good enough any longer... the time has come for better solutions!" - These are the words of Sigurd Johan torheim, owner of Hotell Ivar Aasen in Ørsta, Norway.
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Vacuum toilets in prisons

Jets™ systems have operated reliably in Swedish prisons since 1993, when they were first installed in cells for awaiting-trial prisoners in Uddevalla, western Sweden. Vacuum toilets offer several advantages over their more traditional counterparts.
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Rica Havna Hotel: 30 years of reliable vacuum toilets

In the idyllic Norwegian setting of Tjøme in Vestfold, the Rica Havna Hotel had relied on vacuum toilets for 30 years. The time had come to upgrade the system to make the most of the efficient functionality available today.
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WTorre São Paulo

The WTorre São Paulo is a 30-storey office block of some 90,000 square metres. The building was not originally designed for vacuum toilets when construction started. After the project had been on hold for some time, the new owner saw the advantages of a Jets™ installation.
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São Paulo university

In this interesting project from São Paulo, a university installed a Jets™ system in 2007. The system paid for itself in 15 months.
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Food processing plants

Jets™ systems add sanitary benefits for food processing plants, where extreme hygiene is required to ensure the quality and safety of the finished products.
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