Marco Cerulli of Tavola Engenharia, Jets™ representative in Brazil - Uninove university to the right

Jets™ breakthrough in Brazil

Brazil's fresh water resources are the largest on earth, but major cities are facing a water and sewage crisis. Growth and expansion means water pipes and sewer systems have to cope with volumes they were not designed for. Jets™ systems are perfect for scenarios like this, and our Brazil distributor has made major breakthroughs with vacuum sanitation.

Marco Cerulli of Tavola Engenharia, Jets™ distributor and representative in Brazil, explains why Jets™ was the system partner of choice for his business:

Water and vacuum awareness

"Today, there is a whole new awareness of the potential of vacuum toilets for saving water in Brazil. And with Brazil’s high charges for water and sewerage, the payback period for the installations completed so far has been about 15 months.”

"Green buildings - my niche"

“I had seen traditional vacuum systems for toilets before. As an engineer, I was sceptical. But when I saw the Jets™ solution, I understood straight away that this was a much, much better design. With a small, powerful Vacuumarator™ pump and no need for a vacuum tank, it was easy to use and maintain."

The first system

"I was looking for an opportunity in technology projects that would enable me to compete with larger players. Green buildings created a niche for me. Jets™ vacuum toilets became an important part of my portfolio. As a trial, Tavola installed 5 toilets at Incor, the Heart Institute at the University Hospital of São Paulo. During each of the two installation phases, half of the emergency room closed down for the installation. The other half continued functioning normally."

Reliability and compact size

"The clients loved the vacuum system. The patients liked the idea of green technology and the hospital was very pleased with how easy the system was to run. If I take people to see the Vacuumarator™ pump, I have to ask the maintenance staff to clean the technical room first, because they hardly ever have to go in there otherwise and it might get a bit dusty.

When my guests ask where the whole vacuum installation is, I say: “You’re looking at it.”
“What?” they say, “only this?” They can’t believe it’s so compact."

More successful installations

"The next installation was at the university of Uninove in São Paulo. The complete project involves 720 toilets in the Barra Funda buildings and 680 on the Santo Amaro campus. Another major installation was the WTorre São Paulo office block with 426 toilets. A great advantage of Jets™ systems is the flexibility that they enable in the floor layout."

"Our first major breakthrough in Brazil - the Uninove university in São Paulo."
"Our second breakthrough in Brazil - the WTorre São Paulo office block."

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