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Vacuum toilets for buildings

There are several good reasons for installing vacuum sanitary systems in buildings. Whether you want to save water, reduce your sewage volume or install pipes independent of gravity, you will find what you need in a Jets™ system.

Private homes sometimes install a vacuum system to meet regulations or requirements, such as obtaining a building permit when building a new house below the level of the public sewage network. Larger buildings with hundreds of toilets are usually set on saving water - and money. And some are just thinking about the environment. Our systems let you do all of the above.

Houses and homes

Whether building a new home or renovating an old house, sometimes it can be a challenge to place the bathroom exactly where you would like it to be. Jets™ vacuum systems give you total freedom to build the house of your dreams, without having to worry about where to install large diameter pipes that depend on gravity for sewage transport.
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Larger buildings

New opportunities in both new buildings and rehabilitation projects - that's what Jets™ systems are all about. Vacuum systems are affordable and have low life cycle costs. Return on investment periods are usually short. At the same time, these systems are flexible, adaptable and not least: they scale with your system needs.
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Case studies

A more in-depth look at how Jets™ solves sanitary challenges, plus a story about the breakthroughs that one of our representatives has made in Brazil. It's a country where water is plentiful - but not where it's needed the most.
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Buildings of all types across the world have turned to Jets™ systems for a solution to their various challenges. From Swedish prisons trying to stop inmates from communicating through sewer pipes, to hotels responding to guest expectations about more eco-friendly sanitary solutions. Have a look at some of our references.
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Installation of a vacuum sanitary system is straightforward and easy. The small-diameter vacuum pipes can be installed at a later phase in the construction process than traditional gravity piping.
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