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See how they work

This is why the Vacuumarator™ pumps invented by Jets™ have been such a great success and revolutionized the vacuum sanitation industry!

Small motor

with low energy consumption. The helical screw's efficiency and the monobloc design enable the use of smaller motors that use less energy and run for shorter periods.

Transparent cover

makes inspection easy by allowing a clear view to the pump's inlet. Foreign objects and blockages are in plain sight and can therefore be detected and removed very fast.

Integrated macerator

grinds waste to a fine pulp. The resulting fine-ground sewage is easy to transport, store and treat.

Helical screw

ensures efficient vacuum production. The helical screw is capable of transporting air and fluids perfectly and at the same time.

Monobloc design

with motor, screw and macerator on the same shaft. A safe and simple construction with few moving parts ensures operational stability.

In-line design

allows easy installation and a flexible pipe layout. Sewage is collected, macerated and discharged in a single-pass operation. No recirculation means no foaming and 40% lower energy consumption.

Continuous flow

instead of recirculation enhances any downstream treatment process. The temperature of the sewage stays low, providing better treatment efficiency.

No need for external liquid supply

simplifies installation and operation. This makes the Vacuumarator™ pump a highly self-contained unit independent of a separate water supply.

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