Jets™ Biotank exploded view and dual model

Jets™ Biotank

Jets™ Biotank

Designed to make composting less messy and more user-friendly, the Jets™ Biotank composting tank is an environmentally good solution to sewage handling challenges. It is particularly useful in areas where emptying a collecting tank would be impossible or impractical, and in remote locations where public sewage networks are not an option.

Maceration is ideal for composting

The maceration process in our vacuum pumps grinds sewage into tiny particles. This provides the composting tank with excellent raw material for the composting process, since no large particles or chunks have to go through time-consuming deterioration.

Efficient and safe

The Jets™ Biotank is designed to compost all waste very efficiently. It is thermally insulated, but can also be equipped with a heating element to prevent frost if installed in very cold areas.

Every time the toilet is flushed, macerated sewage is transferred to the tank's particle filter. Excess fluid will flow to the lower part of the tank, where a drain pipe carries the fluid out of the tank and into the ground for filtration, or to a tank. Solids will be held back in the particle filter.

Flexible placement and capacity

The Jets™ Biotank can be installed in a location of your choice, even uphill from where the pump is located. If one Biotank is not sufficient, two tanks can easily be connected to the system to increase the total composting capacity available.

Technical data 

External dimensions: 556 x 730 x 815* mm (WxLxH)
*864 mm incl. rear air outlet pipe
Material: PEH
Weight: 35 kg / 77 lb
Capacity: 300 person days

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