Jets™ Toilet Clean Plus

Jets™ Toilet Clean Plus

For cleaning and disinfecting toilets, wash basins and showers. Also prevents scale build-up in the piping system very effectively.

The challenge

Long-term use of vacuum sewage pipes will result in scale build-up that restricts the flow of sewage through the system. When left untreated, the scale build-up can become so severe that Jets™ Descale must be used to clean out the piping. Using Jets™ Toilet Clean Plus as a preventive measure, the scale build-up problem can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Jets™ Toilet Clean Plus prevents scale in the long term

Jets™ Toilet Clean Plus is the successor to the well-known Toilet Clean cleaning agent, and is designed to work over time to prevent scale build-up or remove scale that is just starting to form. Using Jets™ Toilet Clean Plus regularly ensures minimal scale build-up and dissolves minor scale before it starts causing problems. It gently dissolves deposits left by urine crystals, hard water, minerals and lime. At the same time, it effectively disinfects the sanitary system.


Toilet Clean Plus is available in several different sizes to suit any system configuration.

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