Sanpack™ module in train cabin

Sanpack™ plug-in module

Sanpack™ is an extremely compact solution for any railway sanitation challenge. This innovative solution is a true plug-in module that uses less than half a square metre / 5 square feet for everything needed to serve 2 toilets!

Click here for a visual presentation of Sanpack™ module's features.

Size matters

With its simple and compact design, the Sanpack™ gives train operators the benefits of less weight, fewer parts, simpler logistics and a smaller footprint onboard the train.

Easier installation

Because the Sanpack™ is a true prebuilt plug-in module, there is less planning and project work to do. There is also less installation work. This in turn means:

  • Less manpower needed
  • Less need for subcontractors
  • Less commissioning/testing
  • Less downtime



The freshwater tank can be equipped with a heater for increased passenger comfort. The Vacuumarator™ pump can also be heated in areas with risk of freezing.

The unit weighs only 140kg/300lbs!

(Weight may vary according to specifications.)


Sanpack™ module and rail car restrooms from above

Sanpack™ train sanitation module and train restroom from above
Cutout showing the Sanpack™ module installed.
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