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Jets™ provides numerous advantages for...

Manufacturers and operators will find that a Jets™ system has many advantages, and can deal with waste from both toilets and wash basins. Several units can be connected to a single Vacuumarator™ pump. The compact and flexible solutions offer great potential to designers, and are highly suitable for retrofits. Toilets for disabled people are available.

Cabin and rolling stock manufacturers

  • The system can be supplied with toilets or inner bowls
  • No compressed air is needed
  • One module system can serve two toilets
  • Compact design makes the most of the space on board
  • Lightweight plastic tanks simplify design
  • Toilets for disabled users are available
  • Highly suitable for refurbishment projects
  • Compact and flexible solutions offer great potential to designers
  • Tested and approved


Railway operators

  • Low maintenance and low life cycle costs
  • Supreme comfort for passengers
  • Highly efficient flushing
  • Hygienic and odour free
  • One-step operation with Vacuum On Demand (VOD™)
  • Control and monitoring systems ensure stable and reliable functioning
  • Low water and power consumption
  • Easy to inspect, service and repair
  • The Vacuumarator™ pump grinds solids to prevent clogging, and foreign objects are trapped before they get to the pump
  • Proven performance at high altitudes and freezing temperatures
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