Festival area with Jets™ toilet container units - 3D render

Limitless systems

A single Vacuumarator™ pump can serve multiple toilets, and in larger systems a central Jets™ unit can serve virtually any number of toilets. It is easy to add or reduce capacity, for example during different stages of a project.

Jets™ advantages over other systems

At festivals and other large events with thousands of visitors, the flexibility and scaleability of Jets systems really prove their worth. Jets™ sanitary systems powered by a Vacuumarator™ pump or unit have great advantages over chemical, gravity and traditional macerating toilets, as well as over the older vacuum tank design for vacuum toilets.


Jets™ vacuum systems prevent sewage pollution on site and reduce the risk of wastewater seepage. Clean grounds mean happier visitors.

Water and sewage

Jets™ systems only use a tenth of the fresh water needed for gravity systems. Sewage is thereby reduced to a tenth of the volume as well. The Vacuumarator™ pump transports a steady flow of blackwater finely pulped by the integrated macerator - making it suitable for any treatment process.


  • Connect to a collecting tank...
  • Or to existing infrastructure
  • Route small-diameter vacuum piping upward and around obstacles, or even to a municipal sewer several hundred metres away.



  • Closed system
  • No bacteria-laden aerosol from toilet flushes
  • Tanks can be exchanged without exposing the service crew to sewage
  • Greater hygiene means less risk of spreading intestinal diseases
  • The vacuum draws odours out of the cubicle into the plumbing
  • Toilet facilities with adequate capacity stay cleaner
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