Building renovation possibilities - 3D render

Straightforward renovation

Jets™ systems provide new opportunities in both new buildings and rehabilitation projects. Building renovation in particular is greatly simplified with our systems, because the need for core drilling is reduced and large diameter pipes are eliminated.

Through the years, Jets™ has solved a number of challenges for demanding applications where customers could not use a traditional gravity sanitary system. These are brief descriptions of some of those challenges:

Case 1 - Making the most of the basement

Challenge: An insurance company needed extra space. To make the most of the basement, the company wanted to install two toilets there. But the basement was below the municipal sewer line.
Jets™ solution: The vacuum system enabled sewage to be pumped up to the municipal sewer. No need for new piping or concrete drilling in the upper floors. Above ground, the staff could carry on working as usual without downtime. The compact Vacuumarator™ pump needed less than a square metre of space, so it was easy to fit into an existing storeroom.

Case 2 - Don't disturb the tenants below

Challenge: An apartment owner wanted to install a new bathroom in the building without disturbing the existing tenants who were living below, or putting a soil pipe through their ceiling.
Jets™ solution: A Jets™ system was installed, with the vacuum pipe leading up to the ceiling and into the existing soil pipe. The people living below were unaffected.

Case 3 - No concrete drilling for the dentist

Challenge: The offices for the county dentist were above a supermarket. The dentist needed two toilets in the waiting room as well as a washbasin and mouth-rinse facility in the surgery. Installing a gravity toilet would have involved drilling through the concrete floor slab, not to mention placing a soil pipe over the vegetable counter of the supermarket below.
Jets™ solution: Instead of core drilling, a Jets™ vacuum system was installed. The Vacuumarator™ pump was placed in the loft together with the air compressors needed for the dental equipment.

Case 4 - Defying gravity

Challenge: A house situated below the municipal sewer line and close to a protected lake with 250 species of nesting birds.
Jets™ solution: A Jets™ vacuum system was installed with two toilets, a shower and kitchen plumbing in the main house. A self-contained basement unit had a shower, toilet, washbasin and kitchen. A gravity solution would have required a large tank and pump station, and would have been more expensive to install. The sewerage pipe had to be dug beneath the road, so the small dimensions and small sewage volume were a major advantage. The result: A complete sanitary solution, fully compliant with municipal regulations.

Enlarge to view the benefits of using Jets™ systems in building renovation projects.
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