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Environmental benefits

Traditional gravity water toilets use fresh water to transport sewage, wasting one of our most precious and valuable resources. Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems use air instead, greatly reducing the environmental impact of human waste transport and treatment.

Compact, reliable and eco-friendly

Jets™ vacuum toilets provide the same comfort and hygiene as water toilets, often even better. Our systems are compact, reliable, use less water and generate less sewage. Because of the reduced sewage volumes, treating or storing the sewage is less demanding than when dealing with traditional toilets.

Cut water usage by up to 90%

Using less than a litre of water to transport sewage, compared to 6-20 litres in traditional toilets, vacuum toilets from Jets™ are the perfect solution for buildings in regions where fresh water is scarce. In areas with high water prices, the considerable environmental benefits gained from using our systems are equalled only by the financial benefits of using 90% less fresh water.

Reduce effluents by up to 90%

Our Vacuumarator™ pumps macerate sewage into tiny particles, resulting in a fine, easily transported pulp. The highly concentrated sewage enable the use of smaller treatment facilities. It also provides excellent raw material for biogas fuel production.

Important and impressive numbers

When 5.000 people use vacuum toilets every day, it generates 54,000,000 litres less sewage every year compared to water toilets using 6 litres per flush (and most toilets use more water). A family of 4 will save 43.000 litres of fresh water every year.

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