Areas of use

The versatility of our systems allow their use in nearly every imaginable sanitary application. Small in terms of size and power consumption, they also use less water and generate less sewage than traditional systems. These are some of the uses that benefit from Jets™ systems.

Cabins and holiday homes

The cost-effective reliability of Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems is appreciated by thousands of cabin owning Scandinavians enjoying the comfort of our systems, and is gaining popularity amongst cabin owners in the rest of the world as well.

Houses and homes

Home owners have started installing vacuum toilets, some to save water and money, some because gravity toilets cannot be used. Our systems have been put to good use in new homes built below an existing sewer line, to facilitate uphill transport of sewage to the public sewer network.


The basement of a home can be an extra source of income when rented out as an apartment. But in some homes the basement was never intended to house people, so there are no toilet facilities. Vacuum toilet systems from Jets™ can lift the sewage to the floor above, enabling home owners to build affordable basement bathrooms that would otherwise have been impossible or very expensive.

Larger buildings

The more toilets and users, the more water and energy is used - at greater cost - unless a Jets™ system is installed. Dependable performance from our tried and trusted technology is another reason why water-saving Jets™ toilet systems have been chosen for large buildings around the world. Hotels, shopping centres, supermarkets, airports, schools, hospitals, prisons and office buildings have installed and used Jets™ toilet systems successfully.

Building renovation

Using 50mm pipes for sewage transport, and with the possibility for horizontal piping, building renovations are easily accomplished when using Jets™ systems. The need for core drilling is greatly reduced, since the small diameter pipes can be run in ceilings and roofs. The flexible piping options and freedom from gravity requirements have allowed owners of old, disused buildings to renovate efficiently and turn those buildings into prosperous apartment complexes.

Mobile units

Lightweight and compact components enable the use of Jets™ systems in mobile units such as event toilets. Fully pre-built toilet systems can even be installed in containers, driven or airlifted to the desired location, and plugged in for immediate use - perfect for relief, rescue or military operations.

Buses, trains and motor homes

Proven reliable performance and very limited sewage volumes make Jets™ systems the perfect choice for buses, trains and mobile homes where sewage collecting tanks have to be kept as small as possible.

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