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Discover why Jets™ systems are chosen by more and more customers around the world, and learn more about vacuum technology and its benefits.

Battery or mains power, with or without running water, multiple options for sewage storing and processing - if you have a sanitary challenge, there is a Jets™ solution.

Why should you choose Jets™?

Jets™ has years of experience with the most demanding of all vacuum system users: ships. The world's largest luxury cruise liners depend on Jets™ toilets to guarantee thousands of passengers a comfortable voyage. And for more than a decade, we have used the same technology very successfully in buildings and in the transport sector.
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How can such a simple system work so well?

The system consists of toilets and greywater interfaces connected to a vacuum generator via the piping.
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Environmental benefits

Traditional gravity water toilets use fresh water to transport sewage, wasting one of our most precious and valuable resources. Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems use air instead, greatly reducing the environmental impact of human waste transport and treatment.
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Gravity vs. vacuum

See a side-by-side comparison of how traditional gravity water toilets compare to vacuum toilets, and how much water and money can be saved by a town of 10,000 by using vacuum sanitary systems.
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Straightforward renovation

Jets™ systems provide new opportunities in both new buildings and rehabilitation projects. Building renovation in particular is greatly simplified with our systems, because the need for core drilling is reduced and large diameter pipes are eliminated.
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For small and large systems

Jets™ solutions can power a vacuum system of any size, from one-toilet systems in cabins to hundreds or even thousands of toilets in the world's largest buildings. Larger systems use a Constant Vacuum System (CVS™) solution, while cabins and other small systems run a Vacuum On Demand (VOD™) solution.
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Areas of use

The versatility of our systems allow their use in nearly every imaginable sanitary application. Small in terms of size and power consumption, they also use less water and generate less sewage than traditional systems. These are some of the uses that benefit from Jets™ systems.
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