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For cabin areas

For cabin areas where two or more cabin owners want to install a common system, our Constant Vacuum System (CVS™) solution ensures that a constant vacuum is present in the piping system for all the cabins. This results in reliable operation no matter how many cabins are connected.

Water and power

Our CVS™ solutions can be used with or without running water, but use larger and more power-consuming pumps than our single-toilet systems for single cabins. If solar power and batteries is your only option for powering a CVS™ system, a Jets™ dealer should be consulted.

Sewage volume advantages

The great advantage of Jets™ systems used in cabin areas is the low volume of sewage generated by every flush. Typically, flushing a Jets™ toilet produces about 1 litre of sewage - so even our medium-size 3,000 litre collecting tank will last a long time before emptying is required.

Contact a Jets™ dealer to learn more about the possibilities for your cabin area project.


CVS™: a single common system for multiple cabins

In CVS™ systems, a single vacuum system with a common pump is used for multiple cabins. The cabins are connected to a powerful Vacuumarator™ pump via a vacuum piping network.

The pump transports sewage from all the cabins, macerates it and transfers it to a collecting tank or other sewage storage/processing unit.

CVS™ systems can be used even when cabins are quite far apart.
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