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Sanitary systems

Land & Transport brochures

All current Land & Transport brochures are available as PDFs for download here.
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Made to please

Discover why Jets™ systems are chosen by more and more customers around the world, and learn more about vacuum technology and its benefits.
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Vacuum toilets for cabins and homes

People spend more and more time in their cabins, and want the same sanitary comfort level that they are used to at home. Hard to accomplish? Of course not. Even if your cabin is located in the middle of nowhere, Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems make it possible.
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Vacuum toilets for buildings

There are several good reasons for installing vacuum sanitary systems in buildings. Whether you want to save water, reduce your sewage volume or install pipes independent of gravity, you will find what you need in a Jets™ system.
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Vacuum toilets for railway rolling stock

Vacuum toilets are widely used in railway applications, and Jets™ has supplied vacuum toilets to railway operators for several years. Passenger comfort increases with Jets™.
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Vacuum toilets for buses

Buses will have great advantages and benefit greatly from using vacuum sanitary systems. We have installed our space-saving solutions in buses with very good results. Passenger comfort increases with Jets™.
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Vacuum systems for supermarkets

Condensation wastewater from fridges and freezers can be a challenge for supermarkets. Jets™ vacuum systems enable simple and efficient transport of condensation water even if there are no drains available near the fridge - by lifting the water vertically in the piping.
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Vacuum toilets for mobile solutions

Jets™ sanitary systems are made to please many thousands – or just a few. We supply our compact vacuum sanitary systems to builders of all kinds of mobile sanitary units. These include facilities for both long and short term temporary installation, such as event toilets, transportable public toilets, construction site trailers, temporary office trailers and military applications - to name a few.
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Vacuum systems for other solutions

Our versatile Vacuumarator™ pumps and our other products can be used in a wide range of applications. Learn more about some of the custom solutions and specialty systems that are made using our pumps and components.
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