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Calculate water savings

How much precious fresh water are you wasting? Or to put it in another way: how much water could you be saving by switching to a vacuum sanitary system? Use our calculator to find out exactly how much water and money you are flushing down the drain.
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Troubleshooting guide for cabin/VOD™ systems

Is your cabin system/VOD™ system system not functioning properly? There is usually a simple explanation that can be easily fixed. Incorrect piping installation and faulty electrical connections are commonly found errors.
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Download brochures, user manuals, installation guides and other information in PDF files that you can print and use for referencing.
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Jets™ FAQs

Vacuum sanitary systems are a relatively new technology, used since the 1950s. For those who are new to Jets™ and our systems, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
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Some of the words and phrases used on this site may be foreign to you, so we have made a small dictionary for your convenience.
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