Public sewer packages

Product packages

Our packages are designed to be used in small sanitary systems such as cabin and home bathrooms. All packages are VOD™ solutions (Vacuum On Demand). The versatile packages available include wall or floor mounted toilets, several sewage handling options, and pumps that can run off solar power charged batteries or a mains electrical supply - with or without running water in the building.

All packages include a toilet, a Vacuumarator™ pump with electronic controller, wires and pipes. Discharge pipes must be bought separately, but almost any 32mm pipe or hose will do the job.

Packages with Jets™ Biotank

Designed to make composting less messy and more user-friendly, the Biotank composting tank is an environmentally good solution to sewage handling challenges. It is particularly useful in remote areas where emptying a collecting tank would be impossible or impractical, and where public sewage networks are not an option.
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Packages with Jets™ collecting tank

Jets™ collecting tanks come in a wide range of sizes to suit every need, from 1,300 litres up to 6,000 litres and with several options in between.
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Packages for use with a public sewer connection

If a public sewer network is accessible, there is no need to use a collecting tank or Biotank. Simply connect the discharge outlet from the pump to the sewerage, and connect water and power.
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