Jets™ carries a complete range of products, components and parts for vacuum sanitary systems. Our vacuum pumps and vacuum units are known throughout the vacuum industry for their reliability and quality, and the rest of our products are built to the same standards.

Product packages

Our packages are designed to be used in small sanitary systems such as cabin and home bathrooms. All packages are VOD™ solutions (Vacuum On Demand). The versatile packages available include wall or floor mounted toilets, several sewage handling options, and pumps that can run off solar power charged batteries or a mains electrical supply - with or without running water in the building.
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Vacuumarator™ pumps

This is the heart of our vacuum systems. The Vacuumarator™ pump features an integrated macerator and is able to transport sewage from the toilet, macerate it into tiny particles and pump it away, all in one operation. The pump is made of high quality materials, and is available in several models with different vacuum capacities.
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Toilets and Urinals

Jets™ toilets and urinals are made from high quality porcelain (vitreous china). Stainless steel models are also available. We supply wall mounted as well as floor mounted models for installation convenience. All toilets come with vacuum valves installed and ready to operate.
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Sewage storage and processing

Jets™ offers a wide range of different options for storing and processing of sewage from our vacuum sanitary systems. With several collecting tanks to choose from as well as Biotank composting tanks, we have a solution to fit your requirements.
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Grey water treatment plant for cabins

This page is unfortunately currently only available in Norwegian.
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Other products

Jets™ offers a range of components and accessories for a complete vacuum sanitary system, such as greywater interface units, tanks and discharge pumps.
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Spare parts

Spare parts for our systems and components are readily available. Read more to find out where to buy them.
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Learn more

The product range we offer is the result of innovative thinking and constant product development through more than two decades. Find out more about the unique technology behind our success and learn why real estate and transport companies around the world have opened their eyes to Jets™ systems.
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